Black Friday or Bid Friday? How the shopping day got its name?

The most significant retail occasion of the year is almost upon us once again. Throughout Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers all over will be slashing rates to kick-start the gift-buying season.

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However how did the most significant shopping occasion of the year, which occurs on November 25, get its name?

There are lots of rumours - differing in reliability - surrounding the origin of how Black Friday got its name. One that starts trending on social networks every year is that it's called Black Friday due to the fact that back in the 1700s, it was a day when slaves were offered at a discount rate.

In reality the first recorded use of the expression 'Black Friday' was used long after the slave trade was abolished in America, making it extremely not likely for the term to have stemmed at that time - though this hasn't stopped the rumours from flowing each year.

Some people believe it's called Black Friday since everybody hires sick to work to take benefit of the sales, making it a bad day for employers.

One business in America claim to have created the term back in 1951 after writing it in a Factory Management and Maintenance newsletter: "' Friday-after-Thanksgiving-itis' is an illness 2nd just to the bubonic afflict in its impacts.

" At least that's the sensation of those who have to get production out when Black Friday occurs. The shop might be half empty, but every absentee was ill - and can prove it."

It might or might not be true that unexpected sickies increase on Black Friday, but, ultimately, it's not where the mainstream use of the name stems from.